Your belongings are safe in our warehouses

Do your household goods need temporary accommodation? At Battistonmover, we offer supervised and air-conditioned storage facilities to ensure that your belongings are stored safely until you need them. We offer storage for every occasion, whether you are moving around town and need a place to store the latest items or moving out of state and need a safe place to store your entire home.

What we offer our storage customers

Our customers will receive the following services when they choose to store their goods at Battistonmover.

Short-term or long-term storage of secure facilities equipped with an alarm system

-Vaulted and open storage space available

Partially air-conditioned

-Inventory management system

What is important to know before storing your items

1. Good knowledge of what you can and cannot store. Each storage facility has restrictions.

2. Access times and restrictions to your storage facility. Not all storage facilities are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Create an inventory list and label your items, it is easier to remember what has been stored.

4. Make sure your moving company strategically places your belongings inside the storage unit so that you can access the items you need while they are being stored.

Interior of new large and modern warehouse space with nobody around

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