Your quality long-distance moving company
At BattistonMover, we not only know how to move your belongings locally, we are also a leading long-distance moving company. Every move is a big move, adding a long distance to it, makes knowing that you are with a reputable and trustworthy moving company even more valuable to you. Our experienced and first-class movers will ensure that your goods and valuables are expertly packed, loaded and unloaded at their intra- or inter-state destination.
Choose the way you want to travel
BattistonMover offers a variety of residential moving options for our customers. Contact our courteous and experienced moving advisors to ensure that your long-distance move runs smoothly.
Important tips for long-distance moves
Plan your long-distance move at least a month in advance, especially if you are moving to the other side of the world.
Get an accurate estimate of what to expect in terms of moving expenses. At BattistonMover, we are ready to help you in this regard, so there will be no surprises.
Keep your peace of mind by choosing BattistonMover to be your trusted partner for long-distance and 5-star moves.

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