How to pack goods when moving

How to pack delicate and fragile goods.

As a rule I suggest writing or highlighting all those boxes that contain fragile material. You don’t have to understand what they contain by the noise they make when they shake!

How to pack the chandelier.

WHEREAS, there are many types of chandeliers. Classic and modern. Made up of a single element or complexes with arms and pendants. Plastic or glass etc. etc. etc.. In principle you do this way: the chain that keeps them suspended (or steel cable or string) pack it with wrapped newspaper or pluriball. Wrap the chandelier in an old blanket. Put the whole thing in a box and fill the empty parts with baled paper or other filler, such as polystyrene, but also pluriball is fine. Each box has 1 chandelier and do not put other boxes on top.

How to pack the glasses.

There are many types of glasses: from water, from wine, to goblet, small glasses, tall and thin, massive basses etc. etc. etc.. Each type will have characteristics that will require more attention. The glasses must be packed one by one. The ideal is to use bubble wrap, but you can also use newspaper. Try to place them in boxes in order to take up as much space as possible. If possible, put the goblet boxes alternately upright and inverted. If we make more layers divide them by cardboard tops. Fill all the empty spaces with polystyrene “chips”.

How to pack the plates.

Also for the dishes must be packed carefully. Wrap them one by one or at least put protective layers between them. Place the sturdier and less delicate ones on the bottom. Above the delicate and fragile ones. An alternative is to put them in the cutting boxes, or as if they were on the dish drainer. In this way the weight of the upper plates can not burden on the lower ones just as they are arranged. In this case it is very important to fill the boxes completely.

How to pack your television.

I must admit that even if they are electronic materials considered very fragile, in reality if well packaged they can undergo even troubled journeys. Just think that they often come from Asian countries, travel in containers and then by road to the store without counting all the storage in the warehouse, from the manufacturer, to the carrier to the importer and distributor. And I guarantee you that they are not transported using “white gloves”. If you still have the original packaging then it will be quite simple.

The main precaution is to close the box very well with a parcel tape to prevent it from opening and you drop the television. If you do not have the original packaging get a box to store it. Pack the screen well with 2 or 3 turns of pluriball (first you must have removed all the cables and put them in a bag with the remote control). Place the TV in the box, put in the cables and remote control and fill the empty spaces completely with filler. Best of all polystyrene. The TV should not move once inside the box!

Close the box with parcel tape and I recommend that you always protect the corners of the box.

How to pack your paintings.

Here too it is important to know whether there are valuable or other less valuable paintings. These instructions are usually sufficient for packaging. 2 turns of bubble wrap, a sheet of cardboard and on top of another picture and so on. Place them in a box, protect the edges well and close the whole thing. If you have a few or very different sizes you can also pack them individually without the use of boxes. In this case, be careful where they are stored in the truck or car. If necessary, wrap them in old blankets.

Last advice on how to pack the goods, even if in reality it is not a packaging but it helps a lot. Make a list of what the boxes contain and mark them with a marker to find them easily. Mark them on all sides. Let me give you an example: He’s the double room, she’s the double room, kitchenware etc… and then I’ll make a list of what it contains.

As you take them to the new house, place them directly in the right room.

We’ve seen how to pack the goods for the move, but not everyone has the right material or enough. In our online shop you can find all the packaging material that we also use at affordable prices. You will have the convenience of being able to choose from home the best products and receive them comfortably in no time. If you have any doubts, you can contact our sales office for advice on what and how much to buy.

Moving to Vienna in beautiful Austria

Anyone who wants to move to Vienna could give you a lot of reasons. But one of them has the best meaning of living in Vienna: in recent years it has been judged for many years as the city with the best quality of life in the world.

Vienna is located on the banks of the Danube, the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Famous for its imperial palaces, it has hosted some of the greatest composers such as Vivaldi, Paganini, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Shubert, and many others.

Home to various events is rich in parks and green areas.

Moving to Vienna could mean making a qualitative leap in your life. It’s probably not going to be easy or easy to get started. It is important to speak the language correctly and be able to adapt to the lifestyles of the country. It will take a spirit of sacrifice and a lot of good will because the best things are never easy, but moving to Vienna is worth it.

How important it is to choose the place to live is also important to choose the company that will take care of the move to Vienna.

As in all things, there is quality and quality. A professional removal company will visit your home free of charge. It is important to consider everything that needs to be moved, but also the area in which the house is located and the floor. Depending on what you need to move, you need to consider whether the work can be done manually or whether you need to use special means to lower objects from windows or terraces.

Appropriate means for moving and not oversized or undersized are needed. A suitable means of transport allows you to pay for exactly what you need.

Moving persons should not be mere porters, they should be able to dismantle and reassemble furniture. They must be able to pack and transport them with care. They must have the experience to find the best solution for that particular object. Each house is unique and can contain unique, valuable or particularly fragile objects.

The work must be done well, but also safely.

Moving to Vienna, but also elsewhere, is not just about transporting furniture.

A serious company always has an insurance policy that can cover any possible problem that may occur.

If you are moving to Vienna and are looking for a company, please contact us for a quote. You can already understand our seriousness by the free phone number and the speed with which we will be able to make you an offer. If you prefer, you can request a quote for your move by filling out the online form.

Moving to Europe and the World in the future

Will it be the future to move all the time to Europe or to the whole world?

Up to 60 to 70 years ago, people moved very little. You only have to listen to our grandparents or parents to find out that many people have never even left their country. Already going to the capital once a year, perhaps at some event such as the cattle market, was a special occasion.

In these years the world has changed a lot. Our children and the new generations must already take into account that it may happen to have to move to Europe if not the World.

Without taking into account the masses of people who move in search of a place where they can survive.


The day will then come when there will be a need to move abroad to Europe once, twice, three times or more.

It will be essential to be able to adapt to the lifestyles, customs and traditions of the place.

We will change our habits, we will become nomads to chase the work.

As a result, the world of removals will also change and adapt to new needs.

Speed and affordability will be fundamental in all countries.

The winner will be those who know how to adapt supply to demand and those who know how to be flexible.

Not only moving, but also services.

Box of storage where you can keep the goods in excess that maybe we will reuse later.

Real estate service: together with the move give an accommodation where to stay.

Cleaning service, so that after the stay someone quickly and economically takes care of cleaning the rooms.

Global-ko by Battiston Traslochi has been attentive to changes in the world for years.

Not only to technological changes, to stay up to date with the best means on the market, but also to demographic changes. To the flows of people who move, to the new and growing needs of those who move.

It takes a spirit of adaptation, an ability to look to the future and be able to accept it.

We are ready, and you?

As they say: there is no certainty about the future. Waiting to see what will happen we are at your disposal for the removals in Europe and in the World today, with our usual professionalism and competence.

For a quote you can fill out the form on the website or call us via the free number to speak with our staff.

Moving to Geneva in beautiful Switzerland

When you decide to move to Geneva, Switzerland, you have to organise yourself in time. Although it is a neighbouring country to Italy, it is not part of the European Union.

This means that if moving to France, Germany or any other European country is quite easy, moving to Geneva in Switzerland involves a whole series of procedures, documents and certificates that can create a lot of stress.

To move to Switzerland, you have to go through customs. Depending on what you move, different documents may be required.

First of all, you need a residence permit for your move to Geneva, which must be obtained from the cantonal migration office.

You must have a rental or purchase contract for a house, a copy of an employment contract and an identification document (passport or identity card).

If you move new furniture you must have purchase invoices in order to recover VAT.

You have to make a complete inventory of description, quantity, weight and economic value for each item, fill in the form 18.44 (we can provide it to you).

For all electronic devices you have to indicate the brand and the country of production.

Special attention for the export of paintings: you have to ask for an export certificate at the office of fine arts. Even if it is a painting of modest or zero value. The time required for these permits is generally quite long.

This is generally required.

From relocation to relocation there may be different or additional certifications that need to be evaluated each time.

Why it is important to choose the right company for moving to Geneva in Switzerland

In the light of the above, it is clear that the choice of a serious removal company that works frequently in Switzerland becomes decisive.

Not having all the necessary requirements or having them incomplete/wrong can lead to delays, seizure of assets and very high fines. When it comes to Swiss fussiness and precision, it is not a matter of chance.

When you choose a removal company, you are in their hands. They must be able to tell you exactly which documents are needed and they must be able to verify that they have been carried out correctly. In this way, customs clearance becomes a simple formality.

All we have to do is invite you to contact us via our toll-free telephone number or via the quote request form.

Geneva is an important banking, university and commercial centre. It has over 200,000 inhabitants and is located on the shores of the lake of the same name. The quality of life is very high, the organization of the city of the highest level. Start to get acquainted with their way of life, get organized in the best way, go and discover the most interesting corners or the most “in” places. Global-ko of Battiston Traslochi takes care of the move.

Moving to Portugal for a better life

Portugal is a very beautiful country, but this alone does not explain why more and more people decide to move to Portugal.

Let’s try to understand the main reasons for those who decide to move to Portugal and what categories of people they are.

In first place are the pensioners.

Taxation in Italy is very high and the Government of Portugal has decided to study a plan to accommodate pensioners. If you are a citizen of Europe and go to Portugal to move you have total exemption from pension taxes.

Another category that decides to move to Portugal are the so-called “remote workers”. That is, those people who work but have the possibility to do so without being present in the company. Those workers who can manage their work simply with a computer and a telephone. That they can do it no matter where they are. Here they combine a “European” salary (higher than in Portugal) with a “Portuguese” cost of living (lower).

Finally, there are those people who decide to start their lives again in another country. Climate, landscape, nature, culture, lifestyle, push people to move to Portugal. Frenzy and stress are not part of their way of life.

Actually, there is also another category of people who go to Portugal, they are tourists, but obviously their stay is for a very limited period of time.

How to move to Portugal?

Being part of the European Union brings unquestionable advantages for those who decide to change country. All you need is an identification document and we’re good to go.

If your stay in Portugal lasts more than 3 months, you must register with AIRE and notify the SEF (Servico Estrangeiros Fronteiras) of our presence.

If you decide to transfer your residence you will need the NIF, which is an identification code for foreigners, a certificate of residence and a bank account.

Moving to Portugal, but with whom?

Well, now all you have to do is contact a professional removal company to arrange the move to Portugal.

Be careful of improvised companies or companies that have no experience in international removals.

There’s nothing worse than unloading the goods and finding broken or missing parts.

With Global-ko from Battiston Traslochi you will not only find trained and professional staff, but you will also have the opportunity to get significant discounts.

The important thing is to arrange your move to Portugal at least 2-3 months in advance and with flexible dates.

In this way we will have the opportunity to make multiple removals in a single trip significantly reducing the fixed costs.

Contact us for a free, non-binding quote.

Here is the free phone number.

Here is the form to fill in online.

Send containers to Africa from Italy

Sending containers to Africa is not a difficult thing, but it should not be taken under the carpet either.

As with any international transport, it is a good idea to organise yourself in time and contact a shipping company that specialises in shipping containers.

Standard containers are 20 and 40 feet in size and you should ideally be able to fill one completely.

Since the goods are stacked one on top of the other until they fill the container, packaging plays a crucial role in preventing the goods from arriving broken. The material will be packed in closed, fumigated crates.

It will be important to make a list of everything there is to send: indicate product, weight, volume and value. On the basis of this value, which must be true (otherwise there are very expensive penalties) are calculated any customs costs.

Choosing a serious freight freight forwarder for shipments to Africa

At Global.ko Battiston, we have been shipping containers to Africa for a long time. We take care of the customs procedures in order to avoid unpleasant, as well as expensive setbacks.

We have professional staff able to take care of all the logistics of the goods from your home with disassembly, packaging and transport of goods to the container. Once we have loaded the goods into the container, the shipper is no longer responsible for them.

When we arrive at our destination, we will have a freight forwarder in charge of customs clearance.

The transport can be Door to Port, i.e. from home to the port of destination or Door to Door, i.e. from the house of departure to the house of destination.

In organizing container shipping to Africa it is important not only to organize at least 2-3 months in advance, but also to evaluate the period of the trip. The same route has costs also significantly different depending on when it is made.

How to get a quote for shipping containers to Africa

There are many unknowns and options. To find out what is your best solution to ship your container to Africa contact our logistics office. We will be able to advise you and find a suitable offer for your needs.

To contact us, please fill in the free phone number or fill in the form on line.

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is not only a matter of washing the floors of the building or dusting the machines.

First of all, when we talk about industrial cleaning, we are talking about the production site, then the industrial hangar, but also the site, the means of transport, the machines.


Industrial cleaning is not only about making the workplace more hygienic and pleasant to live in, but above all about keeping machines running and efficient, preventing the accumulation of dirt and the proper functioning or even breaking of delicate parts.

Industrial processes often produce very fine dust and residues that can penetrate anywhere.

Electronics are becoming more and more delicate and it takes little to cause very costly damage. But also grease accumulations and machining residues can create obstacles to the normal and precise work of this machine.

From what has been said, it is clear that careful industrial cleaning is not only essential, but also the use of appropriate tools and specific products.

It requires precision, but also speed, especially since the spaces are absolutely not comparable to those of a private house. He didn’t bring to use the classic “mocio” but I will need floor washing machines with operator.

Grease and dirt accumulations are not removed with household products.

We need trained people who not only use all the necessary safety systems, but who also know the products they use and the damage they can cause to people.

You must be able to assess the specific needs of each company. A metalworking plant will have different needs for cleaning one of the woods. A company that produces and a company that assembles require different interventions. Those in charge of food will have very strict restrictions and well-defined procedures.


Battiston Traslochi, in addition to having a high “know-how” in the field of company relocation, including the heaviest and most bulky machines, is able to handle, with highly qualified personnel, the industrial cleaning of the warehouse, offices and all working environments.

To get a quote, all you need is a free phone call, our staff will be able to provide you with a very economical offer in no time.

Moving Madrid in complete peace of mind

Pour déménager à Madrid en toute tranquillité, vous avez besoin non seulement d’une entreprise de déménagement professionnelle et expérimentée, mais vous avez aussi besoin de cette entreprise pour nous faire comprendre que nous faisons ce travail avec passion, dévouement et méticulosité. Ce doit être comme si les marchandises que vous transportez sont les vôtres.

Il doit être capable de comprendre les besoins du client et de donner des réponses complètes et rassurantes.

Une entreprise qui réussit dans cet aspect est capable de vous faire vivre le déménagement à Madrid en paix.


When you contact us to request a quote for a move in Madrid, it is essential to provide the departure and arrival address, with the corresponding floor (ground floor, first floor, second floor, third floor……floor) and of course what you need to move.

We have such experience that we can estimate the volumes of goods using a few photos and information that we will ask you for, but if necessary, we have area managers who can come by to see the household items for themselves.


As a relocation company, we offer a wide range of relocation services in Madrid, as well as in all other cities: from the simple supply of packaging materials for super cheap DIY, to the rental of vans, trucks and automatic ladders, from the simple relocation with loading and unloading to the “turnkey plus” offer where we take care of everything, from packaging to moving furniture, to the exact positioning of everything where you want it, clothes, plates, cutlery, etc?

With this last offer, you avoid a lot of stress and you can devote your energies to organizing your life in Madrid in the best possible way.


Moving to Madrid means settling in the capital of Spain, the country’s main economic, political and cultural centre. The quality of life is good, but you have to choose carefully where you want to live. There are some very expensive neighbourhoods and others that are much more affordable for everyone. The cost of living is not far from that of Italy.

Whether you want to settle in Madrid for work or study, the city offers many activities, events, exhibitions and meetings.

We remain at your disposal to submit you an offer for your move to Madrid. You can contact us by phone or by using the form on this site.

Moving a business activity

Moving a business is a possibility that can occur in a person’s life for a variety of reasons. We are moving to another city, we want to move to a potentially more profitable area or we want to make changes while maintaining existing furniture.


Whatever the motivation, I strongly advise against DIY for most activities.

Moving a catering business involves moving large kitchens, refrigerators and professional equipment that are bulky, bulky and delicate.

It takes skill to disconnect connections, it takes technique to move objects correctly, it takes means to transport them, not to mention that they must then be restored as quickly as possible.

Other activities may also require unusual skills. Stands, mezzanines, displays of all shapes and sizes, not to mention all the items for sale.

Guarantees of success

Another reason, far from being secondary, that should lead us to entrust the relocation of a company to a professional is insurance. Every moving company must have insurance. Legal insurance is not enough to make us sleep easy, so when you ask for a quote, don’t dwell on the simple cost, but clearly ask to know what the insurance is, the amounts and for what type of damage you are covered.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances?

Another very important aspect is the possibility of keeping the goods in a box for a certain period of time (self-storage). The most common case is when, at the end of the month, the rent for the old room expires and I must therefore absolutely empty it, while the new room is not yet ready. What to do about it?

The best movers also offer a merchandise storage service for the time it takes you to complete the move.

To move an activity, contact a professional

It is useful to plan the relocation of a business activity over time. This way, we can better organize the work and offer you a substantial discount on the regular price.

Battiston Traslochi has the experience, resources and personnel adapted to these movements.

To contact us, all you need is a free phone call to the toll-free number or fill in the form on the website. You will receive a quotation without any obligation on your part.

Moving to Barcelona: some tips.

Although the crisis has also hit Spain hard, settling in Barcelona is still in vogue. A metropolitan city of more than 3,200,000 inhabitants that offers many employment opportunities, while being a popular Erasmus destination.

Barcelona is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe and enjoys a very good reputation: a very lively city, the sea, friendly and sociable people.


As in all major cities, the cost of living varies depending on where you live. There are rich neighbourhoods (barrios) and others that are much more popular, but on average the cost of living is lower than in large Italian cities such as Rome and Milan.

Being a Latin people, they are approached to Italy, but not always in reality these aspects are true, but rather, you may be disappointed.

In everyday life, people are not so sociable, on the contrary, they are often very detached and for their part. Things change at night when they go out to party, but you know, a little “glass” helps to socialize.


After this brief digression, let us return to what concerns us most: moving to Barcelona.

First of all, let us forget the beautiful Italian houses, but this also concerns many other European countries. Let us be prepared to find housing solutions that, unless we have significant financial resources, may leave us unsatisfied. Apartments that can have rooms without windows or kitchens, often without heating, are no exception. The deterioration of electrical systems, small parts and sometimes not even very clean go against the habits of an average Italian.

If you have to move to Barcelona, don’t be discouraged by what has just been said. Consider the first house you move to as a starting point that, if you are not satisfied with it, will serve as a basis for finding another apartment that better meets your expectations.

So move the minimum necessary because your new home is not necessarily the last.


It’s a whole different story with transportation. Barcelona is a city with one of the best services in Europe (although it must be said that the last few years have deteriorated a little). Leave your car at home: if and I repeat if you can find a parking space, you will find it very expensive. The means of transport are very comfortable and allow you to move around without needing anything else.

All you have to do is call us to let us know your moving needs. You will surely find the answers you are looking for.

A phone call with a toll-free number or an online form is convenient and free.

Dismantling with collection of used furniture

Moving with used furniture is normal, it’s frequent and let’s be honest, it’s a release!

How many times do we have customers who take advantage of the move to get rid of some furniture that is not functional or that they no longer like?


One question they often ask us is what they can do with the furniture we don’t want to bring with them. It is not inevitable. It is not enough to say “I throw it away”.

Furniture must be disposed of properly. You must disassemble it, separate the metal from the wood, chipboard, glass, plastic and send it to the landfill. It takes time, tools and resources. A 240 cm high wardrobe is difficult to transport by car. What if it has to be transported from the fourth floor? How do I do that?

This is why the simple fact of wanting to get rid of furniture can become a very difficult obstacle to overcome.


There are very few companies that offer moving services with used furniture collection.

At Battiston Traslochi we can evaluate and make you an economical offer for your furniture. The important thing is that it is still in good condition.

But if it shouldn’t be in good condition don’t despair, we always have a solution for you. We release you from any task or difficulty and eliminate it in accordance with the law.

We leave a clean and painted environment

After emptying the house, we can clean it from top to bottom and then wash it with lime. She will then be ready to welcome a new family in the best possible conditions.

Whether you need to move or not, we can also take care of the relocation of premises, cellars and attics.

Fast and efficient, your old furniture will no longer be a problem and you will have freed up the rooms so they can be refurbished or used for other purposes.

Contact us without any worries, it’s the free phone number and it’s the form to fill out online.

Moving to New York, America

Moving to New York has always been a dream. The dream of America, where everyone has a chance, the dream of the city of skyscrapers, the largest financial centre in the world, a city that never sleeps where you breathe electrifying air and earn a lot of money.

Yes, moving to New York can mean that too, but nothing is easy and nothing is free.


Starting with clear ideas and above all knowing what awaits us is the first fundamental step to take.

We organize the move well in advance!

With regard to the goods to be transported, you must always draw up a list of products whose price is fixed for any compensation in the event of loss or damage. Make sure that the carrier delivers the goods directly to the house in New York (door to door) and does not leave them in a warehouse. Ask clearly what insurance they use and what coverage they have.

Packaging is also very well done because container transport (air travel is very expensive) can cause damage.


You must have an entry visa with the reason and duration of your stay and the place where you will reside. Health insurance, do it absolutely even if you only stay for 2 days. You need the SSN, a kind of tax code that allows you to have employment contracts. You need a license to use your driver’s license and then drive in the United States and of course you will need to open a bank account.


All right, prepare to move to New York, prepare the paperwork, and now what? Already have a job? A place to stay? New York is the most expensive city in America and perhaps the world. Of course, salaries are also adequate, but if you don’t have a job, you need a well padded wallet. Forget Italian products, they cost 3 to 4 or even 5 times more expensive than in Italy, a rent in Manhattan still costs more than 10,000 dollars a month and in the suburbs does not think about getting by with little.

These are just some of the ideas for your new adventure in America. Each person will have to put everything in their own need.

While for the move, no problem, we take care of it and it’s not nothing.

Contact us for a quote, we will understand you and find the most appropriate solution.

The phone call is free of charge as well as the quote and can also be requested via the online form.

Moving to London

Moving to London is quite common for us Italians. Some for holidays, others for studies, some for work, London is the preferred city. Just think that in the city there is a community of more than 300,000 Italians registered in the registrar, so that people on a permanent basis.


There is no need to bypass the problem, this is 2019 and we know that the British voted for Brexit in June 2016. Although we have not yet found a compromise that satisfies everyone to make this version effective, it will certainly bring about huge changes for both companies and individuals.

For the moment, moving to London is very simple, there is no need for special bureaucratic paperwork that can discourage people. The cost of moving in London, but also throughout England, is higher than in other countries. Either you choose an intermodal solution truck – boat – truck, or you only use road transport but you have to go under the sleeve. Alternatively there is the plane, but as mentioned are more expensive solutions than in other countries


At a time when Brexit is not yet effective, the number of referrals between Italy and London has not decreased. Despite the uncertainty about what the new regulations will be, it is easy to see that customs clearance will result in new tariffs and there will be new and different transit permits.

For companies, will this change anything?

At the same time, many companies will be forced to leave London and England and move to another European country.

The indicators tell us that there will be fewer moves to London, that they will be more complex and more expensive.


There are no magic formulas to save, but the rules only apply to those that apply to other countries.

First of all, let’s bring what we really need. Secondly, you are looking for a company that travels frequently to England. Organizing frequent trips means knowing the area and knowing how to travel with confidence, having the experience to advise you as best as possible and finding the cheapest solutions without sacrificing the quality and safety of a job done to perfection.

Book the move well in advance and flexible dates, so that the company can organize group moves, or in a single trip combine several moves at lower prices. In doing so, discounts can be up to 50%.

Contact us, it’s free and easy