Moving to Portugal for a better life

Portugal is a very beautiful country, but this alone does not explain why more and more people decide to move to Portugal.

Let’s try to understand the main reasons for those who decide to move to Portugal and what categories of people they are.

In first place are the pensioners.

Taxation in Italy is very high and the Government of Portugal has decided to study a plan to accommodate pensioners. If you are a citizen of Europe and go to Portugal to move you have total exemption from pension taxes.

Another category that decides to move to Portugal are the so-called “remote workers”. That is, those people who work but have the possibility to do so without being present in the company. Those workers who can manage their work simply with a computer and a telephone. That they can do it no matter where they are. Here they combine a “European” salary (higher than in Portugal) with a “Portuguese” cost of living (lower).

Finally, there are those people who decide to start their lives again in another country. Climate, landscape, nature, culture, lifestyle, push people to move to Portugal. Frenzy and stress are not part of their way of life.

Actually, there is also another category of people who go to Portugal, they are tourists, but obviously their stay is for a very limited period of time.

How to move to Portugal?

Being part of the European Union brings unquestionable advantages for those who decide to change country. All you need is an identification document and we’re good to go.

If your stay in Portugal lasts more than 3 months, you must register with AIRE and notify the SEF (Servico Estrangeiros Fronteiras) of our presence.

If you decide to transfer your residence you will need the NIF, which is an identification code for foreigners, a certificate of residence and a bank account.

Moving to Portugal, but with whom?

Well, now all you have to do is contact a professional removal company to arrange the move to Portugal.

Be careful of improvised companies or companies that have no experience in international removals.

There’s nothing worse than unloading the goods and finding broken or missing parts.

With Global-ko from Battiston Traslochi you will not only find trained and professional staff, but you will also have the opportunity to get significant discounts.

The important thing is to arrange your move to Portugal at least 2-3 months in advance and with flexible dates.

In this way we will have the opportunity to make multiple removals in a single trip significantly reducing the fixed costs.

Contact us for a free, non-binding quote.

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