Moving to Geneva in beautiful Switzerland

When you decide to move to Geneva, Switzerland, you have to organise yourself in time. Although it is a neighbouring country to Italy, it is not part of the European Union.

This means that if moving to France, Germany or any other European country is quite easy, moving to Geneva in Switzerland involves a whole series of procedures, documents and certificates that can create a lot of stress.

To move to Switzerland, you have to go through customs. Depending on what you move, different documents may be required.

First of all, you need a residence permit for your move to Geneva, which must be obtained from the cantonal migration office.

You must have a rental or purchase contract for a house, a copy of an employment contract and an identification document (passport or identity card).

If you move new furniture you must have purchase invoices in order to recover VAT.

You have to make a complete inventory of description, quantity, weight and economic value for each item, fill in the form 18.44 (we can provide it to you).

For all electronic devices you have to indicate the brand and the country of production.

Special attention for the export of paintings: you have to ask for an export certificate at the office of fine arts. Even if it is a painting of modest or zero value. The time required for these permits is generally quite long.

This is generally required.

From relocation to relocation there may be different or additional certifications that need to be evaluated each time.

Why it is important to choose the right company for moving to Geneva in Switzerland

In the light of the above, it is clear that the choice of a serious removal company that works frequently in Switzerland becomes decisive.

Not having all the necessary requirements or having them incomplete/wrong can lead to delays, seizure of assets and very high fines. When it comes to Swiss fussiness and precision, it is not a matter of chance.

When you choose a removal company, you are in their hands. They must be able to tell you exactly which documents are needed and they must be able to verify that they have been carried out correctly. In this way, customs clearance becomes a simple formality.

All we have to do is invite you to contact us via our toll-free telephone number or via the quote request form.

Geneva is an important banking, university and commercial centre. It has over 200,000 inhabitants and is located on the shores of the lake of the same name. The quality of life is very high, the organization of the city of the highest level. Start to get acquainted with their way of life, get organized in the best way, go and discover the most interesting corners or the most “in” places. Global-ko of Battiston Traslochi takes care of the move.

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