Moving to Europe and the World in the future

Will it be the future to move all the time to Europe or to the whole world?

Up to 60 to 70 years ago, people moved very little. You only have to listen to our grandparents or parents to find out that many people have never even left their country. Already going to the capital once a year, perhaps at some event such as the cattle market, was a special occasion.

In these years the world has changed a lot. Our children and the new generations must already take into account that it may happen to have to move to Europe if not the World.

Without taking into account the masses of people who move in search of a place where they can survive.


The day will then come when there will be a need to move abroad to Europe once, twice, three times or more.

It will be essential to be able to adapt to the lifestyles, customs and traditions of the place.

We will change our habits, we will become nomads to chase the work.

As a result, the world of removals will also change and adapt to new needs.

Speed and affordability will be fundamental in all countries.

The winner will be those who know how to adapt supply to demand and those who know how to be flexible.

Not only moving, but also services.

Box of storage where you can keep the goods in excess that maybe we will reuse later.

Real estate service: together with the move give an accommodation where to stay.

Cleaning service, so that after the stay someone quickly and economically takes care of cleaning the rooms.

Global-ko by Battiston Traslochi has been attentive to changes in the world for years.

Not only to technological changes, to stay up to date with the best means on the market, but also to demographic changes. To the flows of people who move, to the new and growing needs of those who move.

It takes a spirit of adaptation, an ability to look to the future and be able to accept it.

We are ready, and you?

As they say: there is no certainty about the future. Waiting to see what will happen we are at your disposal for the removals in Europe and in the World today, with our usual professionalism and competence.

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