How to pack goods when moving

How to pack delicate and fragile goods.

As a rule I suggest writing or highlighting all those boxes that contain fragile material. You don’t have to understand what they contain by the noise they make when they shake!

How to pack the chandelier.

WHEREAS, there are many types of chandeliers. Classic and modern. Made up of a single element or complexes with arms and pendants. Plastic or glass etc. etc. etc.. In principle you do this way: the chain that keeps them suspended (or steel cable or string) pack it with wrapped newspaper or pluriball. Wrap the chandelier in an old blanket. Put the whole thing in a box and fill the empty parts with baled paper or other filler, such as polystyrene, but also pluriball is fine. Each box has 1 chandelier and do not put other boxes on top.

How to pack the glasses.

There are many types of glasses: from water, from wine, to goblet, small glasses, tall and thin, massive basses etc. etc. etc.. Each type will have characteristics that will require more attention. The glasses must be packed one by one. The ideal is to use bubble wrap, but you can also use newspaper. Try to place them in boxes in order to take up as much space as possible. If possible, put the goblet boxes alternately upright and inverted. If we make more layers divide them by cardboard tops. Fill all the empty spaces with polystyrene “chips”.

How to pack the plates.

Also for the dishes must be packed carefully. Wrap them one by one or at least put protective layers between them. Place the sturdier and less delicate ones on the bottom. Above the delicate and fragile ones. An alternative is to put them in the cutting boxes, or as if they were on the dish drainer. In this way the weight of the upper plates can not burden on the lower ones just as they are arranged. In this case it is very important to fill the boxes completely.

How to pack your television.

I must admit that even if they are electronic materials considered very fragile, in reality if well packaged they can undergo even troubled journeys. Just think that they often come from Asian countries, travel in containers and then by road to the store without counting all the storage in the warehouse, from the manufacturer, to the carrier to the importer and distributor. And I guarantee you that they are not transported using “white gloves”. If you still have the original packaging then it will be quite simple.

The main precaution is to close the box very well with a parcel tape to prevent it from opening and you drop the television. If you do not have the original packaging get a box to store it. Pack the screen well with 2 or 3 turns of pluriball (first you must have removed all the cables and put them in a bag with the remote control). Place the TV in the box, put in the cables and remote control and fill the empty spaces completely with filler. Best of all polystyrene. The TV should not move once inside the box!

Close the box with parcel tape and I recommend that you always protect the corners of the box.

How to pack your paintings.

Here too it is important to know whether there are valuable or other less valuable paintings. These instructions are usually sufficient for packaging. 2 turns of bubble wrap, a sheet of cardboard and on top of another picture and so on. Place them in a box, protect the edges well and close the whole thing. If you have a few or very different sizes you can also pack them individually without the use of boxes. In this case, be careful where they are stored in the truck or car. If necessary, wrap them in old blankets.

Last advice on how to pack the goods, even if in reality it is not a packaging but it helps a lot. Make a list of what the boxes contain and mark them with a marker to find them easily. Mark them on all sides. Let me give you an example: He’s the double room, she’s the double room, kitchenware etc… and then I’ll make a list of what it contains.

As you take them to the new house, place them directly in the right room.

We’ve seen how to pack the goods for the move, but not everyone has the right material or enough. In our online shop you can find all the packaging material that we also use at affordable prices. You will have the convenience of being able to choose from home the best products and receive them comfortably in no time. If you have any doubts, you can contact our sales office for advice on what and how much to buy.

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